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Frequently Asked Questions



What should I bring to onsite registration?

You will need to bring the following items:

  • Child’s Original Birth Certificate
  • Electricity, Water or Gas Bill (No Phone Bills). You do NOT have to be a resident of Chandler to participate with us. We accept ALL youth participants no matter where you live.
  • 2016-17 Report Card (Entire School Year)
  • 2017 Sports Physical Exam (Physical Exam are typically available at our Onsite Registrations, if needed, for a nominal fee -- usually $30). YOU MUST USE A POP WARNER PHYSICAL FORM. If you child's physical is on any other type of physical form, we can NOT accept it per Pop Warner rules. Also, the physical exam form must be dated January 1, 2017 or later.
  • Your Child's Registration Fee -- we accept Cash, Check, Credit Card and Debit Card (Payment Plan option is also available)
  • Legal Guardian and Child need to be present at the Onsite Registration


What are the age and weight requirements and how do the weight classes work?
Players can play in our weight limited divisions which are based on age and weight with lighter players having the option to "play down" a level – this is referred to as being an "older lighter".  This is designed to ensure that smaller athletes are matched up against like competition and is done for both safety and competitiveness reasons.
Alternatively, your child can play in one of our unlimted weight divisions which is based entirely on age with no weight requirement.  Currently, we only offer a 14U division (typically for 13 and 14 year olds), but it is possible that we may add unlimited divisions in our younger ages age groups in the future.
Click Here to reference our current Age/Weight Chart for division guidelines.


What does my child’s registration fee cover?
It covers the use of issued equipment and insurance for each participant. It also helps to cover expenses associated with field rentals, football jerseys / cheer uniform, game officials, lighting, safety equipment, EMT and other related operating costs for the purpose of the full season.


Are CYFPW teams required to do mandatory fundraising during the season for the CYFPW association or Arizona Pop Warner league?

Absolutely not. CYFPW teams are NOT required to do mandatory fundraisers during the season, or at anytime, to raise money for the CYFPW association or Arizona Pop Warner league. CYFPW charges everything upfront as part of their registration fee so that families, participants, coaches, and business managers can focus purely on participant development and having lots of fun during the season.


Can my child's team do fundraising for team related expenses?

Yes, if the team chooses to. The difference between "league" fundraising and "team" fundraising is where the money goes. While we do NOT require teams to do fundraising for our CYFPW association or Arizona Pop Warner league, we do encourage teams to do fundraising for their own team's expenses (e.g., needed team equipment, team apparel/socks, post-season travel, post-season party, etc.). All funds raised in a team fundraiser is to be used 100% for team related expenses (NOT association or league expenses).

Is equipment included in the registration fee or are these additional?
Loaner equipment is provided in the cost of the registration, such as:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder pads
  • Two game jerseys (players keep it)
  • Game pants
  • Game belt
  • Chin strap

Families are responsible for their child's:

  • Compression shorts
  • Cleats
  • Practice pants
  • Practice jersey
  • Game socks
  • 7 pad set (knees, thighs, hips, tail)
  • Mouthpiece with facemask strap
  • Dry fit under shirt

Does my child have to return their equipment at the end of the season?
All equipment given to your child, except for their two game jerseys and mouthpiece, must be returned to Chandler Youth Football Pop Warner at the end of the season.


Is Online Registration available?

Online registration will be available starting on March 1st. This will provide a quick and easy way to sign-up your child and pay the registration fee. Also, our payment plan option is offered both online and in-person for your convenience and flexibility.


If I already registered my child online, why do I still need to attend a Walk-in Registration?

Both the legal guardian and child must attend one of the Walk-in Registrations to submit required documentation for league verification and for preliminary equipment fitting.


Is there a deadline to "grandfather" my child to his team & coach from last season (Fall 2016 CYFPW season)? 
Yes. If you choose to "grandfather" your child, you must register by our May grandfather registration deadline (specific date TBD), and write last year's team name & head coach's name on your child's registration form during the onsite registration process -OR- online registration process.

My child is fully registered (fee paid, paperwork submitted, etc). Now what?
Your child’s head coach will contact you in mid-July to discuss the upcoming Fall football season, practice schedule, pre-season parent meeting, etc.


Can a friend or family member bring my child to registration?
Only a legal guardian can register your child.


I want all my kids on the same team.  Is this possible?
Only if their ages and weights (or simply their ages if they participate in unlimited weight divisions) fall within the same team division criteria.  Click Here to reference our Age/Weight Chart for specific guidelines.

Why must I furnish a copy of my child’s report cards?
It's a CYFPW & Arizona Pop Warner rule that each participant provides proof of scholastic fitness in order to be on a roster and participate. It also qualifies those eligible for local and national scholastic awards. Report cards must be turned in at any of our walk-in registrations.


Why must my child complete a physical and submit a medical release form?
Arizona Pop Warner rules mandate that each participant must be physically cleared to participate in our football and cheer programs. It is also recommended that you discuss any medical issues (i.e. any serious medical condition, asthma, outdoor allergies, etc.) with your Head Coach prior to the season starting.

Is a baptismal or hospital birth certificate sufficient to prove my child’s age?
No. The only acceptable proof of age is a certified county birth certificate (original only; not a copy).





When do Fall 2017 practices start?
Football and Cheer practices typically start on August 1st.


Where are practices held?
Each team will be assigned a practice field, which will be within a City of Chandler park (e.g., Tumbleweed Park, Snedigar Sportsplex, Pima Park, etc).  Team field assignments will be determined just prior to the start of the season.


Which days do tackle teams typically practice and for how long?

For the first three weeks, practices are typically Monday through Thursday for 2.5 hours in the evening. Beginning the fourth week, practices are typically two days per week, either Monday & Wednesday OR Tuesday & Thursday, still for 2.5 hours. Coaches have the option of adding a film study session or team walk through session during the week as well.
What time do practices start and end?
Practices typically start at 6pm and end at 8:30pm.


Should my child suit up in practice uniform and pads on the 1st day of practice?
No, your child should wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks and cleats during the 1st day of practice.  In fact, the entire 1st week of practice is focused on conditioning. Coaches may ask players to wear helmets and/or other football equipment later in the 1st week. However, any form of contact drill starts during the 2nd week of practice (or after 10 hours of conditioning have been completed).


What do I do if my kids are on different teams and practice at different locations on the same days/times?
If you have more than one child participating in CYFPW, you can apply for a "sibling hardship."  If granted, your children will be assigned to teams that practice in the same general location so that you don't have to drop-off and pick-up at multiple locations that are far from each other.  Please note that "sibling hardships" must be requested in writing and are NOT guaranteed. Please send your request to with subject line, "Sibling Hardship Request."





How long does the season last?  When do games begin?  How many games?
Team practice starts in early August. Scrimmage games begin in mid-to-late August. CYFPW's regular season games begin in late August or early September. The season continues into early November typically. Teams will usually play at least 5-7 regular season games and 1-2 post season games. For Jr Pee Wee level and above, there is the potential for the season to continue through late November or December if the team advances to Pop Warner's Western Regional and National tournaments.
When are games played? 
All games are played on Saturdays.  Games are scheduled according to division, with the younger divisions typically playing first.  Most games are played during the morning or early afternoon, but some games may be played during the evening under the lights.  Players typically need to arrive 90 minutes prior to game time to warm up and weigh-in. 

Where are games played?
CYFPW teams typically play their home games at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler, AZ. Occassionly, games may also be hosted at a local CUSD or Private High School within Chandler. Home games typically account for half your child's game schedule. The remainder of the games will be played at other association home fields across the Greater Phoenix area. 
If my kids are on different teams (i.e., different age/weight divisions) could they possibly play at different fields at the same time or could one child have the first game in the morning while one is the last game of the day?
Yes, this is possible. We have many families with siblings in the program at different levels, and for those of us who do, we often go in different directions for games. You must decide before registering if this will be a challenging situation for you. Parents are responsible for their children’s transportation to and from games.
Are medics present during games?
Certified trainers or EMT will be on site for all games and have strict protocols for injuries and potential injuries. Once injured, a participant must be cleared by the trainer or medic before they may continue in the game.





Are CYFPW and Arizona Pop Warner nonprofit organizations?
Yes, both CYFPW and Arizona Pop Warner are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.


How can I become a CYFPW sponsor?
We have a Sponsorship Program designed to recognize individuals or businesses for donations.  For more information, please contact your team's business manager OR call CYFPW at 602-707-7299.  Alternatively, Click Here to contact our CYFPW President regarding CYFPW Sponsorship.  In addition, for more information about being a sponsor or to download our Sponsorship Form, please Click Here.


When are CYFPW Head Coaches selected?
CYFPW Head Coaches are interviewed in March, April and May, and are subsequently selected by the CYFPW Board.  If you are interested in coaching football or cheer, please Click Here. We'll contact you to further discuss your interest in coaching within Chandler Youth Football Pop Warner.


Do you accept whole or partial teams to join Chandler Youth Football Pop Warner from other leagues or organizations?
In most cases, the answer is YES. However, please contact us to have a confidential discussion about your situation and whether moving your whole team or part of your team into Chandler Youth Football Pop Warner makes sense. We'd love to hear from you. Feel free to call us at 602-707-7299 or email us at


How are volunteers screened?
CYFPW and Arizona Pop Warner rules dictate that all volunteers (coaches, business managers, and anyone who will have direct contact with CYFPW participants) must pass a background check. These checks are run annually prior to the start of the season.

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